Lost in Paradox

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Lost in Paradox

Postby GrB » Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:03 am

How do i reconcile the obvious dilemma of the Now? A place that is always with me. A place I have never existed apart of. A place no one can ever outlive.

Like a screen static and ever present, entwined as the movie of my life, overlooked as a backdrop, a side-effect, as I become lost emotionally in the dream of moving images. I constantly project forward & back, transcribing thoughts and images as something REAL. BUT did I ever take time to consider the obvious? The ‘screen’, the ‘NOW’, is the only thing happening. Without it nothing could appear real, just a stream of light floating between infinity & eternity. The ‘now’ is the stage that grounds my being. Free of anxiety, free of time, it never moved, pure contentment. So when will I ever realise the point of Paradox, if not Now?

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