Resolving the Paradox

Please share here 'whatever works for you' permission slip exercises. What did you do? What was the result?
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Resolving the Paradox

Postby GrB » Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:00 am

Exercise: Linking Breath to the NOW. Feeling-in and awakening the Body.

Allow the body to relax – Feel the ‘Now’, (here’s something I came across recently that points to the same space: Ken Wilber ) Allow your breath and breathing to recognize it and with practice link to it as one inseparable sensation. This will efficiently & effectively cleanse the Ego of divisive (negative) objective thoughts & feelings (clouds). Constant practice allows ‘LOVE’ (Sun) to shine through once again.
Side effects: As the Now isn’t moving, but my objective – Body, thoughts etc are, a sensation can often occur whereby one KNOWS they are totally stationary, unmoving however all the sensory inputs suggest the opposite, I can move backwards, forwards, sideways, jump up & down, physically, however my ‘knowing’ simultaneously informs me I’m stationary. This is the point of paradox. And this is the experience that is attributed to the Enlightenment of ‘Rumi‘, ( and subsequently the fundamental tenet of ‘whirling dervishes’.
Most often the paradox is resolved in an extremely ecstatic state.

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